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Repair and care products for surfaces

Unikum Repair Wax

Wax sticks for fixing damages, in 150 different shades of solid colours.

The repaired area can be readily varnished.

Unikum Correction Pens

For retouching scratches or dye faults. The pens are available in tinted finish,

with a beveled fiber tip and brush tip, or in pigmented lacquer.

Unikum Sprays

Available in a variety of shine and matt finishes, both transparent and pigmented.

Supplied with an additional special fan spray nozzle. 

Unilin Products

Cleaners for the maintenance and care of varnished or lacquered surfaces.

Unifin Thinner

Silicone-free thinner to give uniformity and smoothness to transparent or pigmented polyurethane finishes. 

Unikum Spatula

Polypropylene spatula for the application of repair wax.